When I’m Scared, 2014 - 42”x46”x12”, plaster cast, pigment and oil

Join me on October 19th at Monmouth Museum for a lively panel discussion as part of the Who’s Your Mama exhibition running through November 2nd!
Dendrites: When I’m Scared, 42”x46”x12”, plaster cast, pigment and oil

Sculpture_page67Dendrites: When I’m Old received the Nicholas Buhalis Award for Artistic Excellence in Far and Wide at the Woodstock Museum and was featured in the May issue of Sculpture Magazine for more insights listen to the YouTube interview!


FosterRosie Foster Medical acquired The Beginning to commemorate their 30th year anniversary — it’s quite a story and I’m touched to be part of it.


It's HardIt’s Hard was featured in the Visions and Revelations show at Point Park University this Spring and was written about perceptively in the Pittsburgh Tribune.


Barely StandingBarely Standing won the 2013 N.A.W.A. Medal of Honor & Margo Liebes Harris Memorial Award for sculpture. This makes two years in a row, many thanks to N.A.W.A. for this recognition.