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Panelist for Women in Biology: “The Intersection of Art and Science”

Date: July 26th, 6-8 p.m.
Location: Pride Globl Flight Deck Graybar Building, 30th Floor
420 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10170
This event is a production of Women in Bio- Metro New York 

The evening will open with Julia Buntaine, Director of SciArt Center, setting the backdrop of how the apparently opposite fields of art and science have begun to merge in the recent years. While science aims to deliver accurate information about the world, art can inspire and present scientific concepts to a broader audience. The introduction will be followed by a panel discussion on SciArt, moderated by artist and WIB member, Yana Zorina.
The panel of artists will include:

Judith Modrak
Lauren Bierly
Julia Buntaine
Cheryl Safren

Memories Recorded, Memories Stored Wins Best Science and Education Documentary at the Madrid International Film Festival – July 13th

Movie Title: Memories Recorded, Memories Stored
Director: Jake Alexander McAfee
Festival website: Madrid International Film Festival
Award: Scientific and Educational Award
Trailer link on Youtube: Memories Recorded, Memories Stored

“Memories Recorded, Memories Stored” is a documentary that weaves the lives and memories of the people into a unique, transformative work of art and chronicles the creation of Our Memories on Governors Island. On July 15th, it was named “Best Documentary Short for Science and Education 2017” at the 6th Annual Madrid International Film Festival.












Pictured left to right: Mark Lobene, producer, Judith Modrak,  sculptor / subject of the film “Memories Recorded, Memories Stored,” and Jake Alexander McAfee, director.


The film follows sculptor Judith Modrak as she creates her first interactive art installation, Our Memories, on New York’s Governors Island. Modrak invites the public to complete the sculpture, sharing memories, represented by colored stones, to create a unique, transformative work of art.

“The public really seemed to love participating in the sculptural installation and creating a collective memorial piece,” Modrak says, “and now it looks like the audience appreciates the film as well. It’s been an electrifying experience all around!”


This is the fourth short film for director Jake Alexander McAfee, and his first documentary. McAfee’s previous films include “The Commute” for Goodwill Industries in 2014, and “2nd Life,” which won the HBO Best Short Film Award for 2015, and qualified for Academy Award Consideration for Best Live Action Short Film. “2nd Life” caught the attention of Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard, who is now a mentor to Jake and his blossoming career.  “My vision for the film was to highlight Judith’s style and artistic aesthetic.” McAfee says,”more importantly, I wanted to capture Judith’s drive and spirit as an artist, and her journey to create Our Memories. At the same time I wanted the film to reflect the impact the sculptures had on the public,” says McAfee,” its effect on them, both their interaction with and reaction to the work.”



After many successful years as a Vice President of technology firms, Mark Lobene is now a full-time actor, producer and founder of Gramercy Empire Productions LLC. He met McAfee while co-starring in “2nd Life.” “Working with Jake once again was a real pleasure. I knew his sensitivity and strong narrative sense would come through on this project. We were honored in Madrid and we’re very thankful for this vote of confidence in our story.” Lobene says,”making this documentary fulfilled a long-held desire of mine. We were able to capture the creation of a sculptor’s work and capture the audience reaction and appreciation in one film. This, to me, was a complete feedback loop of the artistic process. ”


“Often we see the completed work in a gallery, or we see it being created, but rarely do we see the start to finish which, in my opinion, should always include the viewer’s interaction. Having sculpture that was designed to be interactive, made this story that much more compelling.” The film was screened earlier this year closer to home, at the Queens World Film Festival, and has now won an award in Madrid. “We appreciate the recognition from the Madrid International Film Festival, “Lobene says, “and we hope to continue showing this documentary around the world and we appreciate all the interest in it.”


Memories Recorded, Memories Stored premieres at the Queens World Film Festival – March 17th

Movie Title: Memories Recorded, Memories Stored
Director: Jake Alexander McAfee
Festival website and to buy tickets: Queens World Film Festival
Showtime: March 17th, 2017 @ 12 p.m.
Location: Kaufman Astoria Studios Zukor Room, Astoria, NY
Trailer link on Youtube: Memories Recorded, Memories Stored

black on white QWFF 2017 laurels

What powerful, personal memories would you give to art?

“Memories Recorded, Memories Stored”: A vision that weaves the lives and memories of the people into a unique, transformative work of art and chronicles the creation of Our Memories on Governors Island.

“With her unique, insightful vision, awarding winning artist and sculptor, Judith Modrak, takes on a new challenge as she invites the public to share their most personal and powerful memories to create a profound and highly emotive work of art – a transformational outdoor sculptural installation created for the people, by the people, for posterity.”

Trailer Youtube link