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Fundamental Filaments at the Hartnett Gallery

Dates: October 7 – 30.
Artist Talk: Friday, October 7th @ 4 p.m.
Reception: Friday, October 7th, between 5-7 p.m.
Location: Hartnett Gallery, 201 Wilson Commons, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627.



















Fundamental Filaments is a solo exhibition by sculptor Judith Modrak which weaves together her brain-inspired and emotionally charged figurative work. Modrak’s sculptures illuminate areas of the psyche that are revealed during unguarded moments or hidden in the recesses of our minds. The painted plaster cast figures, derived from human, biological, and organic forms, unmask larger themes of aging, family dynamics and neurological conditions.

Modrak observes that “decoding our internal physiological and emotive worlds has been an ongoing source of artistic inspiration and interest to me. Examining our similarities and differences led to a desire to understand the brain and the mechanisms responsible for triggering and regulating thought, action, and emotion”.

Fundamental Filaments* sheds light in sculptural form on the complex neural and psychological circuitry involved in bringing to life our memories and experiences.

*Fundamental Filaments comprised of select sculptures from the Dendrites, Standing, Ancestors and Vital Memories Series will be on display at the Hartnett Gallery October 7th-30th with an Artist Talk during Meliora Weekend on October 7th at 4 p.m., followed by a reception from 5-7 p.m..

GIAF Sculptural Installation: Our Memories

Dates: September 3 – 25, Saturdays and Sundays, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Documentary Shoot: September 24th from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.*
Artist Talk: September 24th @ 2 p.m.*
Location: Governors Island, NYC, Colonels Row – Building 406, Porch B and Yard
Visitor info and directions:  Easy ferry trip from Manhattan, visit for info 
*Note: new time for documentary shoot.

“Our Memories” at Colonels Row, Building 406, PorchB

Our Memories©, Judith Modrak’s first outdoor sculptural installation, is composed of three translucent sculptures cast in fiberglass resin. The sculptures will involve the audience in unexpected ways as viewers recall a powerful memory, then share the memory by placing a color-coded bibelot inside the sculpture. As the sculpture ages, it will take on the colors of the memories, transforming into a collective memorial piece.

About the 9th Annual Governors Island Art Fair:
Indulge your curiosity – explore the abandoned military barracks of Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF), 100 singular rooms of painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video, and sound art.

Run by artists, for artists, New York’s largest independent exhibition enters its 9th year this fall. Once again GIAF organizers, 4heads, sifted through a sea of creative proposals from New York and around the world, giving 100 of the best a full room each, in which to wreak havoc as they see fit. And outside on the grass: large-scale sculpture, food, drink, music and more.

Governors Island Art Fair is organized by 4heads, a New York City nonprofit organization created by artists for artists. Their goals are to foster community by offering space for artists, to provide arts-education for the underserved, and to expose hidden culture. 4heads supports a collaborative DIY spirit while catalyzing dialogue between artists and people from all walks of life.


Heart First eBook Kickstarter Campaign

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who contributed to this important project, unfortunately the Kickstarter goal was not achieved. Other means of funding are being identified.

HEART First is the World’s First Experiential Wellness ebook. It will help cancer patients, and all the people supporting them cope with and find real-time relief from the physical, mindful, soulful pain and stress the disease causes. I am one of a 75-person volunteer team of contributors united in one aim: to change the way we respect, view, and treat cancer caused suffering.

My contribution to this project is “You”, a sculptural contemplation of one’s imprint. The figure is emerging from rings symbolically representing a drop of water, the circles of life and the growth rings of a tree.

You_JudithModrakDuring the course of my involvement with this project, cancer has appeared in the lives of four people very near and dear to me, and sadly taken the life of one. 

The visionary behind the project, Jay Einbender, is himself a 3-time cancer survivor and an inspiration to all.