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Art in Conversation with Farrin 7/24 – Guest Artist Judith Modrak

Event: NAWA’s Art in Conversation Series with Farrin
Date: Friday July 24th, 2020
Live Event Time: 3 – 3:30 p.m.
Online Location: The National Association of Women Artists — Art in Conversation Series on YouTube

Judith Modrak engages in conversation about her work with Farrin Chwalkowski in this live streaming event from her NYC studio. The program is part of NAWA’s Art in Conversation weekly YouTube series which features award-winning NAWA artists. For more information about the program and the National Association of Women Artists, please visit:

Panelist for Women in Biology: “The Intersection of Art and Science”

Date: July 26th, 6-8 p.m.
Location: Pride Globl Flight Deck Graybar Building, 30th Floor
420 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10170
This event is a production of Women in Bio- Metro New York 

The evening will open with Julia Buntaine, Director of SciArt Center, setting the backdrop of how the apparently opposite fields of art and science have begun to merge in the recent years. While science aims to deliver accurate information about the world, art can inspire and present scientific concepts to a broader audience. The introduction will be followed by a panel discussion on SciArt, moderated by artist and WIB member, Yana Zorina.
The panel of artists will include:

Judith Modrak
Lauren Bierly
Julia Buntaine
Cheryl Safren

Thought Storm in Seaside, Florida – A Surprise Around Every Sand Dune, May 2017

Author: Diane Ott Whealy
Publication: Go to the Beach
Published: May 5, 2017
Article link:

…”A pop-up art installation, common to stumble upon on city streets, was now on the sandy sides of the beachwalk in Seaside, Florida. New York sculptor, Judith Modrak, an artist in residence with Seaside’s Escape to Create was on-site interpreting her project, “Thought Storm.” Using a painted resin casts, she created a series of sculptures inspired by the area’s live oaks and rare sand dunes. Vacationers from all over the country walking by congregated around these whimsical creatures in the afterglow of the sunset. I was not expecting to share the end of my day with new friends and sculptures on the beach, but that’s Seaside.”

Thought Storm at central beach, e2c residency, 2017, sizes ranging from 14″x12″x18″ to 28″x10″x8″, resin with acrylic