Our Memories @ GIAF in Sino Vision, China Press, September, 2016

Author: Rubin Chen, Business Reporter, Account Executive @ China Press
Publication: Sino Vision
Published: September 2016
Article PDF: Sino Vision Review

Sino Vision Review of Judith Modrak's interactive artwork

English translation:
The Interactive Artwork of Judith Modrak

Judith Modrak is a sculpture artist living in New York. I have also met her in other art exhibitions multiple times. Her twisted human body sculptures leave a long lasting impression in people. This year, what Judith brought with her was a set of interactive sculpture artwork Our Memories which was placed outdoor, inviting visitors’ interactive participation.

Judith makes two shallow headless human body sculptures, which actually form a container of a human shape.

Judith places small rocks of different colors indicating different types of emotions: elated (orange), angry (red), sad (blue), sorry (purple), scared, love (white). Visitors could each pick a small rock and throw it into the sculpture based on her/his situation and memory at that time.

On site we could see that many kids really loved this type of interactions. They threw small rocks representing their emotions into the sculpture. After the activity was over, all of the small rocks representing different emotions with their colors would let people see what the overall proportion was.

When I have arrived, I saw that out of the small rocks left on the grass onsite, most of them were red ones representing “angry”. This indicated that most of the visitors were good-tempered and not angry. However, all of the small rocks representing “scared” had been taken away. I could not even guess which color represented “scared”, which meant that out of the visitors on site,