Press Release: Three Artists :: Three Mediums, Midday Gallery, October 2012

Midday Gallery is pleased to present:
Three artists   :::   three mediums
October 27, 2012 – November 17, 2012
Lois Borgenicht – Oil paintings and Pastels
Celine Ennis-Doran — Encaustics
Judith Modrak – Plaster and Bronze Sculptures 

The exhibition is introducing 3 new artists to the gallery. Each artist brings to the gallery their new perspective of their artistic view, technique, and talent.  

Lois Borgenicht

Ms. Borgenicht deftly combines classical and contemporary technique to create an interactive dialogue of vivid realism and softer interpretive renderings.  Her still life paintings evoke a sense of history and travel and are infused with a rich palate of brilliant color and texture.  Lois works in oil paint but also enjoys the immediacy and brilliance that only dry pastels can offer.  Whether working with a nude, an artful still life, a landscape, or another, Lois combines movement, technique, and texture to infuse her works with a vital presence.

Celine Ennis-Doran

Celine’s works in encaustic on wood panel to create a range of abstractions and representational imagery.  Bee’s wax and pigments combine in this ancient medium and lend themselves to easy layering and infinite texturing through the use of brushes, palate knives, and heat.  Some are richly textured, some incorporate multimedia collage, and others have smooth glossy surfaces. The final result is a painting that engages the viewer and challenges them to look beneath the multiple, semitransparent layers.

Painting is a personal process for Celine. The unplanned selection of color, brush strokes, collage, and scoring enable her to allow the painting to unfold in a fluid, organic manner until it culminates in a finished poise. This technique allows her to experiment with the voice of the painting through discovery.

Judith Modrak

Judith explores the intricacies and fragilities of human nature through figurative and organic forms. Her work seeks to illuminate the human condition.  Using transformative events from the public sphere, she taps into public sentiment as a springboard for exploration of the psyche. Sculpture is a way for her to transform complex scenarios of conflict and vulnerability into something tangible.  Often haunting and deeply personal, her figures demand attention from the viewer with their vulnerability and pathos.

Judith’s chosen medium, plaster cast, is an extension of her ethos for its combination of inner strength and external fragility.  In her limited edition series, each cast is hand-painted and no two are identical and stand shoulder to shoulder with her one-of-a-kind creations of human, animal, and organic sculpture.

Join us Saturday, October 27, 2012 for the opening reception from 10 am to 6 pm.

The exhibit will be on view until November 17th.

The exhibition is part of the Englewood Fall Gallery Walk.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 am – 6 pm.

For more information please call 201-568-4454 or visit