CAMINOS FLUIDOS / Fluid Pathways

Fluid Pathways, a site specific permanent installation, is a reflection on the earth’s internal composition (inner core, outer core, mantle and crust) and how that is mirrored in our neural and cellular constitution. The project, inspired by the topography of the Ricote Valley, contemplates the hidden, often overlooked layers within ourselves, and how those are connected to the natural environment in which we inhabit. These two sides taken together aim to understand how our personal and collective experiences develop. The final sculpture springs from the Calle de Castillo, reclaiming an abandoned, decomposing ancient route to the former Castle of Blanca as a large (25’x15’x3′) biomorphic shape filled with hundreds of organic and anthropomorphic forms, sculpted in plaster and then painted. Fluid Pathways is both an ode to Mother Earth in a time of turmoil and fosters a dialogue with nature, the surrounding community and ourselves.

With much gratitude to AADK Spain Centro Negra and to the Blanca community for this incredible opportunity — with special appreciation to Elena, Juan, Abraham, Giuliana and Josman.  This AADK residency was made possible in part by a Lucy Alexander Willow grant.

La instalación específica, Caminos Fluidos, es una reflexión sobre la composición interna de la tierra (núcleo interno, núcleo externo, manto y corteza) y cómo esta se asemeja a nuestra constitución neuronal y celular. El proyecto, inspirado en la topografía del Valle de Ricote, contempla las capas ocultas de nuestro interior, a menudo pasadas por alto, y cómo están conectadas con el entorno natural en el que habitamos. Esta es una instalación permanente como parte de AADK Centro Negra en Blanca, España.