Our Memories is an evolving audience participatory installation of brain-inspired, translucent sculptures. Recognizing the need to record one’s personal experience, these neuron inspired sculptures contain cavities in which the participants place a color-coded memory stone during opening events. Viewers recall a powerful memory and then share the memory by depositing it in a sculpture. The memory stones are color-coded into six emotive categories: joy, anger, love, sadness, fear, and surprise, based on Plutchik’s wheel of emotions. Once the sculptures are filled, they are sealed.

The Our Memories project is both a collective memorial piece, made complete by thousands of individual memories from people all over the world, and an experience that connects us to our core and to one another. Our Memories was first exhibited as part of the 2016 Governors Island Art Fair, followed by exhibitions in 2018 and 2019 in the Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park and Thomas Paine Park in Lower Manhattan.

Special thanks to the NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks program, and to the generosity of private donors in making the Central Park and Thomas Paine Park exhibitions possible.

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